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ICE - Institute for Creditary Economics  


The informal discussion list among ICE members : the gang8 discussion list         

An incomplete archive of articles etc. by ICE members : the gang8 archive    


Member's sites :

Chris Cook's Open Capital - London - (Limited Liability Partnerships LLP Consulting)

James Cumes books , his VOW - Victory Over Want - a practical oriented initiative for a just revitalisation of the world economy
- & the VOW discussion group

Sebastian Dullien

Michael Hudson

Randy Wray: University of Missouri at Kansas City, UMKC,
- his publications with : The Center for Full Employment and Price Stability , Levy Institute

Sebastian Dullien's Eurowatch - Monitoring economics and economic governance of the euro area

Stephen Zarlenga's AMI - American Monetary Institute


External sites :

Bill Engdahl's Geopolitics - Geoeconomics

Economic Research Council - London - (dates back to The Economic Reform Club of the 1930s)

Henry C. K. Liu's articles in Asia Times Online and his homepage

Peter Spengler's Studien von Zeitfragen




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